Relaxation Massage & Spa Facial

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Relaxation Massage

60 min $75, 90 min $110

Relaxation Massage (60 min $75, 90 min $110)

Enjoy a gentle relaxing Swedish relaxation massage to make you feel great. With the pressure adjusted to your taste, you can be sure to get the massage you are dreaming about. You can have special attention on a specific area, or a general over-all treatment. Be sure to communicate any special needs or requests.

Warm Stone Massage

60 min $95, 90 min $130

Warm Stone Massage                     (60 min $95, 90 min $130)

Enjoy having your body massaged with warm smooth stones. Rhythmic movements of the deliciously warm stones will take you into a very deep relaxation state.

This treatment is helpful if you are having trouble sleeping or relaxing, as it tends to take you out of your left thinking brain and into a deeply relaxed spatial state. You will get more out of the treatment if you keep silence and feel the sensations of the movements of the stones. If you are sensitive to energy, this feel like gently floating in the ocean. The temperature of the stones are adjusted to your comfort.

Classic Spa Facial

60 min $110, 90 min $145 (w/ massage)

Classic Spa Facial (60 min $119, 90 min with massage $145).

Bask in a classic hydrating facial using steam and hot towels. We start with a gentle cleansing, followed by face massage and an aloe - vitamin E hydrating treatment. Face massage relaxes the whole body much like foot massage. Face massage reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It's like getting a mini facelift. The warm towels are heavenly!

All facial products used are geared towards sensitive skin. If you have any skin allergies, or generally sensitive skin, please let me know. I will encourage you to smell the products, and try a little on your wrist, to make sure they work for you.


Some of my male clients have insisted that getting a spa facial is more relaxing than getting a massage.

The 90 minute Classic Spa Facial allows for more massage on the back, neck or other specific area of your choice.

Hydrating Foot Massage Treatment

60 min $100, 90 min $135

Hydrating Foot Massage Treatment (60 min $100, 90 min $135)

Enjoy this delicious treat starting with a mild scrub and warm towels that clean exfoliate your feet. Then receive foot massage with medicinal grade essential oils, including White Fir for it’s grounding and muscle relaxing qualities, Laurel Leaf for its support of the deep self, and Balance a lovely soothing oil blend. The finish is a hydrating Aloe Vitamin E treatment that includes resting in warm booties while the treatment soaks in. All together a great pain reliever and a bit of heaven!

The 60 minute foot treatment is one half hour of heaven with your choice of back or neck massage. The 90 minute session allows time for a full body massage.


Compimentary Warm Towels

Complimentary Warm Towels

Complementary warm towels can be added to any relaxation massage treatment. Experience a little bit of heaven with warm towels.

Listening to my Clients - That's You!

Listening to my Clients - That's You!

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.”

— Dr. Ralph Nichols

I have found the best sessions are collaborative. I appreciate anything you want to tell me about how you want your session to go. Please let me know if you have any special requests like more time on your feet, you love face massage, or you don’t want your hair touched. I will tailor the treatment to you. Knowing you want a tad more or a tad less pressure, can make all the difference. If I know what you like, I can meet you there.

Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

I will honor your wishes regarding silence or talking. If you want to chat during your treatment, you are most welcome to. However, if you like deep quiet during your treatment I will honor your wishes. There nothing worse then coming to get a relaxation massage and having a chatty therapist. I am very sensitive to people who want deep silence so they can fully relax.

Making Spa Magic

Making Spa Magic

Whenever I greet a client, I always ask, “What can I do for you today?" My all-time favorite response was at a fancy resort spa in Hawaii. My client looked at me directly and said, “Make me drool.”

I knew exactly what she meant.

She wanted one of those relaxation massages that carries you away into a little bit of heaven. You might like to know therapists also live for those sublime moments when the world falls away and magic happens.

I love making spa magic.

My goal is always to give you the massage you are dreaming about.